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Atma Darshan Yoga Retreats

An introduction by Kristina


I have learnt the value of retreats through my experiences at Yoga ashrams  (communities) in Tasmania, Victoria, NSW and in India. While what we offer at Atma Darshan is really just a taster – for a weekend, 3 days or a little longer, it is an opportunity to step outside one’s routines and roles for this time; to be refreshed and inspired by the Yoga practices and the peaceful natural environment here. Delicious, yet simple vegetarian food is cooked on site using organic produce from the garden and other local organic producers.

Being nurtured in this way and having a daily program including asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), Yoga Nidra and meditation, times of silence and sharing with like-minded people is deeply nourishing. All our retreats have these elements.

Most have an additional specific focus, for example it might be a Meditation retreat with a number of guided sessions each day or the focus may be on the Yoga of Sound including mantra and kirtan. We have held Anna Yoga (the Yoga of Food) retreats sharing wonderful recipes, cooking together and experiencing the yogic attitude to food and eating. Ayurveda, Yoga’s sister science has also been a focus and there have been many themes explored. We’ve taken groups out in the beautiful natural environment for an overnighter and focused on “Living Consciously” – practicing mindfulness while engaging in activities like helping prepare food, cleaning or gardening.

Underlying the content is the most important aspect – the opportunity a retreat offers to take time out, perhaps to reassess one’s life in a supportive atmosphere, to gain positive input and to gather tools to take home.

Feeling inspired to join us for a retreat? Have a look at our upcoming retreats.


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